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What is the point of blogging from a history and philosophy of science or science studies perspective? Is it part of our work as scholars, or just a hobby?

There is no one right way to do things, and no one right aim.

But what we do have are choices, and we need to be conscious of what those choices mean—or don’t mean—for our mission.

One type of choice that I think is false, or overblown, is the choice between engaging with the public and examining a subject in depth, or between writing accessibly and making sophisticated arguments and analyses.

This choice is what Ben Cohen implies with his “Ayers-Onuf axis“:…

(Above: make sure you own the media or a nine shooter).

Help out with modern art, give generously to charity, raise money for the Sydney Children's Hospital, do a nice lunch with Paul Sheehan, and all's forgiven, and no worries, because the eastern suburbs push will look after its own.

As the sub-prime crisis and greed brought Allco down, there was a suicide (Children bring Allco action), and a lot of people lost a lot of money, including the principals.But not too much for the principals: And then there are the top blokes who built this house of cards, who should feel even more ashamed of themselves for taking a fortune from investors and leading them to disaster.Of course, the dynamic duo, Coey and Gordo, are not entirely unscathed.So here's how it goes, if you run with the right pack, beguile the best crowd, and charm the eastern suburbs.You'll attract a fine obituary from the likes of Paul Sheehan.If you're a common thief, an indolent prole, perhaps a shop-lifing single mum, or a wretched Celt ruining the UK, you deserve nothing but contempt.

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