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I never had the chance to face Beth and i felt along with from what i've read from fans that would be an intriguing match up. Trish always gave great effort and was extremely reliable and low maintenance. :)FAV WWE SUPERSTARS: past and present ( my TOP 5 is in Bold letters.. Jeff Hardy - he's an Enigma, an Artist, a Whisper In the Wind, a Risk-taker, a Daredevil, some thinks he's Reckless; but he's exploring, twisting his fate.. Kimberly Rose is the sister of Adam Copeland and Jason Reso. R&R, please In Twilight, Bella falls for Edward Cullen & Jacob is the boy who's crushing on her. What if Jacob was the mysterious boy at school & Edward was the boy who shared his secret? Adam and Amy's friends decide to bet on their relationship, going to hilarious extremes to win the money. Trish got pregnant at 15 her family turned against her the love of her life Jeff left her to raise the baby by herself 16 years later Trish heads home with her 15 year old daughter how will she feel seeing them again and Jeff how will he react to this R&RLife, it seemed, was about finding one's place. Appearances by Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Victoria and many others along the way. Jeff is a junkie who will do anything to supply his habit. But with 2 other ladies who want him back what will he do? Charactars include Matt, Amy, Trish, Jeff, Stacy, John, Randy, and Jason. We may look great but our whole school is full of damaged and slightly broken teens. While his guests are there Jeff realizes that he has feelings for someone else, and Matt finally tells Amy how he truly feels. One superstar starts reliving his past, through visions and starts to realize he can change what he hasn't wanted to acknowledge in years. Sports interview with Trish Stratus: Her recent tag match on Raw at Toronto's Air Canada Center teaming with John Cena against Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella is still generating positive chatter from the fans and Trish looked back fondly.: its was awesome to go back, especially with those two things in place. No Diva that I have ever been around in the WWE ever worked harder at getting better in the ring than Trish Stratus. Matt Hardy- The Angelic Diablo, The Extreme Champ.. Characters: Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy, Eve Torres, Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy. Jacob and Bella finally are together and happy, but when Billy dies, and someone imprints will the two be torn apart, or brought closer together. Characters: Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy, Jay Reso, Matt Hardy, Amy Dumas, Ashley Massaro, CM Punk, Stacy Keibler, John Cena... Trish is a runaway who's new to living on the streets. Jem is John and Trish's son and he just started school and is falling in love and so is John. R&When Matt makes the horrible mistake of cheating on Amy what will she do forgive him or move on as she thinks the relationship wasn't meant to be. they don't always get along but when they find out about their dad's new interest, they might just have to get along. RRWhen his exgirlfriend decides to leave the WWE in hopes of raising her unborn child back in Canada, Jeff finds himself filled with a lot of questions. Jeff Trish The RAW Superstars get a week off and Trish, Matt, Amy, and Shane all spend it at Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend Beth's house.

The Era of the Glamazon has far surpassed the Stratusphere..however, Trish begs to differ.. Any one with sight could see that Trish had an amazingly marketable look (she still does for that matter) but what stuck with me the most upon reflecting back on the first meeting was her positive attitude and her overwhelming desire to be successful. Will this mistake be the best thing that happened in their lives? What happens when she meets Jeff and falls in love with him? An encounter at an airport leaves a former couple shaken by the realization that things between them may not be as over as they once believed.victorialisa marie,trish,lita,stacy,and torrie are sisters who are meeting for the first time after 5 years ago. Ive worked hard to create that same relationship with my fans Beth Pheonixposted on Beth Phoenix Responds to Trish, Calls her out During a live chat session before the Survivor Series pay-per-view, WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix responded to the comments that Trish had made to about not hesitating to step back in the ring to face her (or Natalya).: Trish Stratus decided to call the Glamazon out.since she retired the mood in the WWE Divas division has certainly changed. I'm not going ANYWHERE..: I can still remember the day a few years ago that Trish Stratus walked to into my office on the 4th floor of the WWE headquarters in lovely Stamford, Connecticut to meet with me about a job in the company. Four years later a mistake brings them together again. Trish went to New York to spend the Summer with her cousin Jay. Jeff Hardy Trish Stratus short chapter fic Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus. After years of separation and no romance nor sparks, lust heats up between Jeff and Trish in the midst of his return and their special moment on Raw. One Shot: Written for the WWE Fan Fiction Library's July fic contest. I didn't get the chance to work with her, but watching all her old matches. I really look up to her and how well she connected with the fans. Shawn Michaels- The Show Stopper, Mr Wrestle Mania, The Heart Break Kid.. My summary's really crappy but at least the story's better. Four years ago all their dreams were crushed by a mistake. and she finds herself in fear of his glorious, final return. On her future: "I would love to follow Trish Stratus career. Chris Jericho - The 1st Undisputed Champion, The lion heart, he is the best heel and face i ever seen.. Plus 3 blondes and 1 brat is gonna make their way harder. There Trish is forced to face her old friends, the truth, and drop her façade. Story features John, Torrie, Trish, Maria, Randy, Stacy and other WWE Superstars. His divorce and loss of his son has made him bitter. The Undertaker OC Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus, Batista John Cena and More. Trish was left in a world of darkness when the only man she ever loved walked away from the WWE, but three years have passed.. and WWE HALL OF FAMER inductee FAV WWE DIVAS: past and present ( my TOP 5 is in bold letters.. Trish Stratus- she delivers 100 Stratusfaction Guaranteed, The Queen of Queens, the 7th time WWE Women's Champion.. Unfortunately, a rich villain won't let them to get it that easy. Amy invites Trish, who she hasn’t seen in a long time, to a Luchagors show. "The fight for you is all I've ever known."Follow through the lives of college students as they each find out who they are. Now two years later, they meet unexpectedly at Jay Reso's wedding to Christy Hemme. Fledgling Angel Bekka's first assignment, is Mark Callaway The Undertaker.Hi im Cathee..[UPDATE: AUGUST 02, 2014]Just want to THANK YOU all those who still reading my fics.. CAN i TELL to you people again that its JUST A STORYLINE.. She doesn't think she can go until her secret admirer comes to her rescue. fic is my first attempt so go easy when you review and plz tell me how i can improve this fic it is basically about one of my favourite wrestlers being involved in an accident that happens on a live taping of RAW. Together they formulate a perfect plan for revenge on their ex's only for the unexpected to all work out?

And thank you for adding them to your favorite stories! i can never believed that people are leaving comments in Matt's Myspace page and talking about.. stars: Matt and Jeff Hardy, Trish St Jeff and Trish were together for two years, then they break up and she leaves. [TWOSHOT] They used to be friends,through all sorts of problems nothing could get in the way. Now no matter how hard she tried to forget it it won't go away especially now that's he's back in her life and the WWE.[Trishx Jeff]Jeff and Trish are getting married. Everyone knows how much I respect the Hart lineage, using Bret's sharpshooter in my retirement match, wearing that pink and black boots in Toronto which i think Nattie had a problem with. So I would be honored to face someone who is part of that legacy and i have no doubt in my mind that we could blow away audience. and i know many people are bad mouthing Matt for doing that... Will good prevail in a world where darkness and depression surrounds it? One minute you're waiting for a taxi, next thing you know you're kissing a total stranger... Trish XJeff Trish is betrayed by her bestfriend and her boyfriend. But will Brooke’s loyalty to her best friend stop any plans for the two? AU Highschool Extreme opposites Trish and Jeff finally have something in common they've both been dumped! :)still lamenting for my deleted fics that i want to post here... as you can see my fave stories are mainly of them.. And Nattie I think is going to be a major player soon, given the right chance to do what she does best. Royal Rumble 09 - I know a lot of people are talking about Matt did at WWE Championship match.. There's a lot of things that only the two of us would be able to bond on. Join Trish Stratus on her quest to find love, happiness, and her place within the WWE. Will she choose the man she is supposed to love or the man she was born to love? He finds himself enticed by her funloving friend, Brooke Davis. :) and HAPPY that we get to watched TRISH and LITA in every impt milestone that RAW is having.. JUST WANT TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO ARE READING, ADDING MY STORIES to their FAVORITE LIST and ADDING ME at their FAVORITE AUTHOR's LIST! :)Im a big fan or you can say LOVER of JEFF HARDY and TRISH STRATUS.. Asked about a possible appearance in Houston at Wrestle Mania, she mentioned that she had not been contacted about appearing,but left the impression that something could come together down the line. She acknowledge the possibilities and in a hint of things to come perhaps, laid down the gauntlet to both.: I would definitely like the chance to finish off what i started with Beth in a one on one scenario, No tagging out, no Santino shenanigans, just one dominant female against to other. I started on TV 2 months before her - ended 2 months after her. Trish Stratus - the 7th time women's champ, the queens of queens, Canada's Greatest Export.. if you have a Myspace account what are you waiting for add her up! Now when he feels he's ready to move on, Trish walks back into his life. Life has its ups and downs, just like a rollercoaster. Then,her world came crumbling down on that one night. Will he be able to tell her straight at a Valentine's day party? How will the people he left behind react to his reappearance? Trish Stratus is about to get married, but is shocked to learn that her former flame who abandoned her 3 years before is back and is still in love with her. Lucas Scott has found himself in an increasingly dull relationship with Peyton Sawyer. but im happy for him and Matt in where directions they choose to go.. I made sure to practice the matrix move i did to Santino at least 40 times to make sure i could still do it. I have seen PR photos from some of Trish's many adventures for this program and not surprisingly she looks amazing and shows no fear in attacking challenges of which most would never dream of attempting.: I think it will be hard to sum her up in one word; like we have a really great bond and a great connection just from our careers. sorry first few chapters are short but they will get longer & better...i promise! That's how long ago it was when Trish Stratus left Jeff Hardy standing at the alter. She doesn't appear to be married, nor vampire, but she is holding something special... J/BThey'd hadn't fit in from the moment they moved to the picture perfect suburb, but did anyone ever really know anyone? Includes Jeff Hardy, Maria, Mickie, Lita, Christy, Punk, Jericho and many more. There was once a moment where Stephanie Mc Mahon was on top of the world. As trish gets more confuse on what she wants..something might just happen... Jacob and Bella are married and Bella just had a baby! Growing up, Matt has developed a major crush on Amy. When Vince decides to give the Superstars hell, they come up with a plan to blow him out of the water. Or will their bickering bring their genious plan to a screeching halt? Now he's back to visit Karen but Tree Hill is not the same place he left. cause we all know that JEFF Hardy is no longer at WWE.. Also, teaming up with the current champ John Cena is always a crowd pleaser actually we have a pretty good track record as a team. I think he adds so much to any segment he is in, so it was great to have him and add that 'Je ne sais quoi' to our segment. For those who don't live in Canada, after September 8 the program will be available on line at This time, not lies, but other person's sincere love breaks them up. Jeff/Trish Matt/Amy Basically a Trish & Jeff fanfic...i know i'm terrible at summaries lol so if you love the pairing like I do, read on my friends & let me know whatcha think! One fateful night, he runs into her at the grocery store. Jeff hardy is back one thing on his mind.bombshell Trishbut Trish is dating John, and have been for the last two years. Please R&RAfter a drunken night in Vegas, two 'accidental' newlyweds try to make it work. Note: I got the idea for this after Britney Spears' quickie 1st wedding to her friend in Vegas in late 2003Matt, Jeff and Amy have been best friends ever since they were little kids. While tagging along with Ashley as she pays a little visit to a certain darker Hardy boy, Trish happens to fall for a Hardy of her own. Jeff Hardy x Trish Stratus, Matt x Ashley What if Lucas never returned to Tree Hill at the end of Season One?