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No animals have become sick after staying with us in our loving home, where we enjoy dog movies together and give everyone’s pet lots of hugs.Our mantra at Mountain Pals is “A Tired Dog is a Good Dog,” which is one of Rebecca’s secrets to managing many dogs with very little drama.

Dogs who stay in a home environment receive more attention and suffer less anxiety and stress while their people are away.A stay with Mountain Pals is a vacation for dogs, too, not just their owners!Mountain Pals first came to fruition when Rebecca adopted Maize, her big orange dog, from the Berkeley Humane Society.At the time, she was a Vet Tech, a job that generally affords ample opportunity for pet sitting.However, she was disappointed she couldn’t provide the animals in her care all the attention they needed.Owners returned home from five to ten day vacations to hyper dogs who were desperate for exercise and attention–bathroom breaks weren’t enough to keep them healthy and happy.

When Rebecca moved to Park County, she vowed to level up and become the pet sitter she wanted as a loving dog owner.She knows first-hand that reuniting after long trips is more enjoyable for owners and animals when dogs are relaxed, happy, and well-exercised by a sitter who cares for them as her own.In turn, owners can enjoy vacations knowing their dogs are receiving the attention they deserve. Each day usually starts at about am with breakfast and potty breaks in our fenced yard.At Mountain Pals, our mission is to provide the best pet care in the Park and Summit County community.With a balance of attention, socialization, and exercise, we help all animals be as happy and healthy as possible.Owner Rebecca Cardennis has worked for over a decade as a Veterinarian Technician and animal behaviorist.