Adult fetish webcam auction

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Adult fetish webcam auction

Loser Degraded and made to jerk off a rubber blow up doll as Mistress laughed – edging that little dick but not allowed to cum – What fun we had has he become so desperate!Laughing at our objects is what gives us the best pleasure, making them do some tedious tasks as we sit and laugh at them, they will do anything as all they really want to do is obey and serve a powerful women.

Some Female Dommes enjoy using enemas and doing medical examination son the objects but they also enjoy having an audience watch as they make the submissive strip naked ( if not already) Then gagging them and using bondage ( cuffs, ropes restraints, stretcher bars) Then open the slave’s ass wide and inspect inside giving an enema and telling the sub that he will keep the panties on even after the enema has worked. You are too useless and idiotic to reach the heights of perfection and to be good enough for me.Sploshed and forced into a chastity device, pictures taken and exposed just what Sam Needed, he was caught wanking and looking at porn on his phone and Miss found out about it.This is what happens when subs disobey and violate the rules.This slave punished video below – Was from another 1 of my useless, worthless wuss’s I had painted his nails but he still had to go home at the end of his session where he would need to buy a train ticket.I had hidden the nail varnish remover and refused to give him it and told him he be going home with the nail varnish on – Would girlfriend see? Well he had to accept my punches to the cock and balls whilst i wore boxing gloves.– what fun i had I have to admit i did enjoy Listening to this slaves whimpers —- Loser in training to be a pet – I think his barking is coming along well, little more practice needed on the giving a paw but over all he is coming along – Degraded, exposed and online for the world to see just how laughable you really are.

The list is endless really and ever Femdom is different in what she wants to do to degrade and belittle her objects but i will list lots of the more popular ones throughout this page, i will also mention that some Mistresses ( Myself included) do not like to tell a slave to much we like to use the element of surprise so he is not expecting it.

This makes it more fun and entertaining for us when we see the look on your face Our bdsm humiliation has some very strict rules for the losers and ths page will document what they rules are and what exactly can happen when rules are broken or abusesd in any way what so ever.

This is another favorite of ours, making you edge, deny you pleasure ( after all why should you have any pleasure? To name a few ways to deny you any pleasure or relief.

Horny sluts get down and dirty in the best slave porn tube.

The action is insane, as the bondage sex that takes place is crazy as these hot sluts get pelted by whips and fucked in each and every one of their holes by monster cocks.

What can i say i just love humiliating male objects and making them entertain me like they should be, i decided to put everything down on this page and let other useless losers see exactly what kind of things happen in a live cam session or in real life. If you want to have a live humiliation show then click the chats below, otherwise read on and scroll through this page to learn about the fun i have with slaves and subs as well as our sissy punishment which we ensure each slave understands his position by the time we are finished with them.

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